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Origami Yoda

Original model created on 14/04/2016 - Published on 18/04/2016

Origami Yoda instructions and tutorial

Make your own origami Yoda in just 5 minutes! All you need is a square piece of paper, and Force is not even required. This Yoda origami model is very simple and easy, and it has a rather cute look. Your Yoda can stand up, and he carries a stick. Of course it's not as detailed as Fumiaki Kawahata's famous Yoda model. You can find instructions and videos that show how to fold the Yoda model from Fumiaki Kawahata on Jo Nakashima's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5B71d1OR_M but you need at least 30 minutes and a very solid folding experience. I haven't dared to fold it yet myself. :-)

If you are looking for a even more simple, easy and quick Yoda origami model, also try my 1 minute origami Yoda face on Origami Channel!

Origami Yoda video instructions

To make a Yoda in origami, please follow the instructions from this video on YouTube:

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How to make an origami Yoda

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Yoda (photo diagram and/or video).

Yoda - step 1

1. Start with a square sheet of paper. If the paper has a white side, put the white side on the bottom.

Yoda - step 2

2. Fold and unfold the square horizontally and vertically.

Yoda - step 3

3. Turn the square to the other side.

Yoda - step 4

4. Fold the top left square horizontally. Mark the fold only at the left of vertical axis.

Yoda - step 5

5. Unfold. Fold the top left square vertically. Mark the fold only at the top of the horizontal axis.

Yoda - step 6

6. Unfold the fold you just made.

Yoda - step 7

7. Fold the corners to the center, except the bottom right corner.

Yoda - step 8

8. Unfold the 2 left corners.

Yoda - step 9

9. Fold the top left tip towards the center of the small square at the top left.

Yoda - step 10

10. Fold again the top left corner. This will be Yoda's face.

Yoda - step 11

11. Fold the bottom right corner so that the tip touches Yoda's face.

Yoda - step 12

12. Fold the right of the bottom right triangle to make Yoda's stick. Make the stick slightly thicker near Yoda's face.

Yoda - step 13

13. Fold again the bottom left corner.

Yoda - step 14

14. Turn the model over and turn it to put Yoda's face on top.

Yoda - step 15

15. Fold the two top corners to the center.

Yoda - step 16

16. Fold back the two top corners to make the ears. Make the fold parallel to the previous fold, at a small distance.

Yoda - step 17

17. Fold the top tip down.

Yoda - step 18

18. Turn the model to the other side. Unfold the left arm so that you won't fold it. Mark a vertical mountain fold that starts at the bottom left of Yoda's face.

Yoda - step 19

19. Make a valley fold from the bottom left of Yoda's face to the top left angle.

Yoda - step 20

20. Turn the model to the other side so that you can mark the fold easily and completely.

Yoda - step 21

21. Make a vertical fold that starts from the bottom right of Yoda's face. Do not mark the right arm and try not too mark the fold on the stick.

Yoda - step 22

22. Turn the model to the other side to mark a fold from the bottom right of Yoda's face to the top right angle.

Yoda - step 23

23. Fold again the two diagonal folds at the bottom of Yoda's coat.

Yoda - step 24

24. Turn the model to the other side. You have done all the folds already.

Yoda - step 25

25. Mark the folds again, especially near Yoda's head to finish the model.

Yoda - step 26

26. Congratulations, your Jedi Master Yoda is ready to fight against the evil powers of the dark side of the Force!

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Note: this model is an original model protected by international copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams or videos that show how to fold it, but instead point people to this page. If you would like to help with the translation of the instructions to your language (or improve the translation), please let me know. Thank you!

Your origami Yoda photos

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What do you think of this Yoda?

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