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Origami Lover Boy

Lover Boy
Original model created on 03/01/2017 - Published on 13/01/2017

Origami Lover Boy instructions and tutorial

For origami lovers: a Lover Boy origami model with a big heart face and a smaller heart in his hand (a box of chocolates?). This origami lover is the perfect match for the origami Love Lady model. Fold both of them for Valentine's Day and give them to that special person you love! Those DIY lovers made from paper can also make great DIY gifts for other occasions than Valentine's Day: like Mother's Day, weddings and engagements. And of course they are perfect for all the persons who love origami. :-)

I designed the Love Lady model last year, but she was a bit lonely, so I tried to create a man with a big heart head, and after many failed attempts, this paper loverboy appeared.

This male love character is a little bit more difficult than the female Lady of Hearts, so I recommend that you start with the female model first. The first part of the video tutorial is common to the male and female lovers.

Origami Love Lady tutorial: https://youtu.be/ITnuSMlMR7Q

For your first model, try to use a big enough square. In the video I use a 15x15 cm square of duo paper.

It can be a bit tricky to make your lover stand, as it did for me in the video, which is a good thing so that I could show how to adjust the legs and feet to make this origami loverboy stand.

Important note: this origami Lover Boy is an original origami model designed by Stéphane Gigandet, protected by copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams, videos etc. that show how to fold this origami heart boy, and instead embed or link this video.

Origami Lover Boy video instructions

To make a Lover Boy in origami, please follow the instructions from this video on YouTube:

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How to make an origami Lover Boy

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Lover Boy (photo diagram and/or video).

Lover Boy - step 1

1. Origami Loverboy

Lover Boy - step 2

2. Those origami lovers make a beautiful couple!

I hope you will like this origami Lover Boy, and that you will fold both origami lovers models. :-)

If you fold them, please send me pictures of your origami couple so that I can show them in a future video, and add them to the gallery on the Origami.plus web site. It would be great to have pictures of lovers from all around the world!

Please share the video with your loved ones, and comment and like it! Your kind comments are always a pleasure to read, and they encourage me to create more fun and easy origami models and tutorials.

Thank you very much, Happy Folding, and lots of Love! :-)

Note: this model is an original model protected by international copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams or videos that show how to fold it, but instead point people to this page. If you would like to help with the translation of the instructions to your language (or improve the translation), please let me know. Thank you!

Your origami Lover Boy photos

If you fold this Lover Boy, please send me pictures of your paper Lover Boy so that I can show them here.

Photos of origami Lover Boy

What do you think of this Lover Boy?

Have you tried this this Lover Boy origami model? How did it turn out? Please tell me, and send me a picture of your model so that I can add it on this page!

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