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Origami Channels on YouTube

If you like to fold original origami models, you will certainly enjoy a lot the channels of these origami creators!

The list includes only channels of origami artists who design and publish tutorials for original origami models. It does not include all origami Youtubers, in particular channels with mostly traditional models or models designed by others. Also not included: 3D modular origami channels, and channels with mostly other types of papercrafts like kirigami, papertoys, quilling, printables etc.

And of course the list does not include channels that publish tutorials for models designed by others without authorization.

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I am certainly missing a lot of channels from origami designers, so if you know of other original origami channels, please let me know, thank you!

The list of origami creators on Youtube

Note: the list is ordered by ascending number of subscribers, so that you can discover the lesser known channels first! :-)

Last update: January 16th 2017.

I wish you a lot of cool origami discoveries!

Peter Kernode

5 subscribers

Simple origami models, and soon Peter's creations.

WinterTehWolf / EM Origami

7 subscribers - USA

Models designed by Winter (@WinterTehWolf on Twitter). Try his mountain crane!

Hanneke van der Kruit

19 subscribers

Hanneke's channel includes some original models she designed.

Sandro Kahlal

22 subscribers

Sandro started his origami channel with a tutorial for his wyvern moden.

Paola Bascetta

31 subscribers

Paolo Bascetta published one tutorial for his "Code di rondine" model.

Ladislav Kaňka / LKorigami

Czech Republic - 37 subscribers

Ladislav has designed many original origami models (a lot of animals) and he publishes tutorials for them on his YouTube channel.

Bradley Steward / Outrageous Origami

50 subscribers

Some origami models created by Bradley Steward.

Jonathan Graham / Jonny Graham

79 subscribers

Many simple origami models, great for origami beginners.

Mathieu Gueros

France - 173 subscribers

Mathieu Gueros has designed many great origami models, and you can find tutorials for two of them on his YouTube channel: a beautiful origami fox and a T-Rex.


225 subscribers

Star War models designed by Martin Hunt, currently a Gungan Sub and a Naboo Starfighter. Also check out Martin's extensive number of Star Wars models and diagrams on his site Starwarigami.


282 subscribers

Lots of very beautiful flower kusudamas.


Japan - 335 susbcribers

Carlson Choo

Malaysia - 463 susbcribers

Some very cute origami models designed by Carlson Choo. Try his origami monkey!


Tạ Trung Đông / T.T. Dong origami

Vietnam - 491 subscribers

Tutorials for great models designed by the Vietnamese origami artist Tạ Trung Đông: a Dolphin, a Seahorse etc.

Eric Gjerde and Ioana Stolan

723 subscribers

Tutorials by Eric Gjerde (tesselations) and Ioana Stolan (cute animals).

Martin Sejer Andersen

1,267 subscribers

Martin has published many tutorials, especially for modular models like stars, polyhedra, cubes, snowflakes etc.

Peter Stein / MrViolinPeter

1,358 subscribers

Original models designed by Peter Stein. Try his Papageno!

Saku / sakusaku58

Japan - 1,533 subscribers

Stéphane Gigandet / Origami Plus

France - 1,632 subscribers

Origami Plus is my channel. :-)

Ilan Garibi

1,750 subscribers

Ilan Garibi has published tutorials for tessellations, spinning tops and other interesting origami models.

Mariano Zavalla

1,837 subscribers

Mariano Zavalla has published many tutorials for origami designs by a lot of different creators, as well as his own creations.

Phạm Hoàng Hải / Paper Ph2

1,996 subscribers

Phạm Hoàng Hải publishes tutorials for his models on his Paper Ph2 origami channel, in particular many Pokemon creatures.

Tim Rickman

2,962 subscribers

Tim Rickman publishes tutorials for the origami models he creates. Tim designs complex origami models such as aliens and dragons.

Check out his Xenomorph origami model.

Les origamis de Thomas

3,262 subscribers

Thomas shows how to fold a lot of origami models, with some original origami models he created.

Katsuhisa Yamada

Japan - 3,587 subscribers

Katsuhisa Yamada is a famous creator who published origami books.

Hoang Tien Quyet / HTQuyet Origami

4,915 subscribers

On his origami channel, Hoang Tien Quyet publishes video tutorials for his creations.

Hoang Tien Quyet designed a very beautiful owl, and a very cute duckling.

Seth Friedman

6,631 subscribers

Tutorials for many great origami animal models designed by Seth Friedman.


7,109 subscribers

Many models, including a cool origami eagle.

Jacky Chan

8,089 subscribers

Jacky Chan has some very cute origami models, like a baby panda, a duckling, a kitten etc.

Alexander Kurth

8,972 subscribers

Models by the great origami artist Alexander Kurth: a cobra, a dreaming owl, a mockingjay and many more cool origami models.

Phong Trần

9,153 subscribers

Phong Trần has published many money origami folded from money bills.

Stephan Weber

9,425 subscribers

Stephan Weber has published tutorials for some of his great origami models, like his famous origami bull.

Paweł Puklicz / Vincilini

11k subscribers

Lots of original models, including origami minions.

Kamikey origami

Japan - 11k subscribers

A lot of very cute origami models.

JM's Origami Tutorials

12k subscribers

A lot of tutorials that show how to fold models by many origami designers.

Riccardo Foschi

13k subscribers

Many great origami models designed by Riccardo Foschi: animals, insects, dragons and many more.

Isa Klein

24k subscribers

Isa Klein has published tutorials for many flowers, stars, butterflies and other origami models.

Joost Langeveld

32k subscribers

Joost Langeveld has published over 500 video tutorials for origami models he designed.

Check out his origami food videos and his Bonsais and flowers.

Henry Phạm

33k subscribers

Henry Phạm makes many original origami models, and lately a lot of origami Pokemon models.

Henry's most viewed model is an origami umbrella.

Yokomoga Origami

45k subscribers

Models from Yakomoga and many other creators.

Kade Chan

Hong Kong - 46k subscribers

Kade Chan is a professional origami designer from Hong Kong. He is very famous for his Fiery Dragon as well as countless great designs, often made for prestigious brands.

Evan Zodi / EzOrigami

80k subscribers

Evan Zodi publishes tutorials for models created by many origami artists.

Sara Adams / Happy Folding

85k subscribers

Sara Adams publishes tutorials for models created by many origami artists, including a lot of models that are not published elsewhere.

Leyla Torres / Origami Spirit

102k subscribers

Leyla Torres has published many origami tutorials on her channel, including her own designs as well as models from other creators.

Chrissy / Paper Kawaii

Australia - 223k subscribers

Chrissy has published lots of papercraft tutorials, including some origami creations.

Jeremy Schafer

USA - 258k subscribers

On his channel JeremyShaferOrigami, Jeremy Shafer presents over 500 hundreds original origami models that he designed, with a lot of "action origami".

Check out his origami Super Boomberang Airplane, his Super Ninja Blow Dart and his Pokeball!

Tadashi Mori

Brazil - 404k subscribers

Tadashi Mori is a very famous origami artist and YouTuber from Brazil who started publishing origami video tutorials in 2008.

His channel includes very popular origami models like fighter planes, roses, shuriken etc. and more recently he published a very popular origami Darth Vader model.

Jo Nakashima

Brazil - 994k subscribers

Jo Nakashima is certainly the most famous origami artist on YouTube, with close to 1 million fans that have subscribed to his channel.

His most viewed origami model is a Rose, but he is famous for many other models, like his Dragon and T-Rex.


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Origami models with easy to follow step-by-step instructions in video and photos.

Diagrams to fold origami models can be difficult to interpret sometimes. For each model we show a photo of each step so that you can easily fold all models. Each origami model also has a video that shows how to fold it.

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