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Origami Chain

Original model created on 1/07/2017 - Published on 08/09/2017

Origami Chain instructions and tutorial

Learn how to make an origami chain that can lift 16 kilograms (35 pounds) just by folding copy paper! This paper chain is incredibly strong, very easy to make, and you don't need glue or tape, only standard A4 or Letter Size (8.5 x 11) copy paper. So grab a stack of sheets from the printer's tray, and make your own extra strong paper chain!

In this easy origami tutorial video, I first show how you can fold one origami chain link from one sheet of paper, and then how you can connect the origami links to make a paper chain.

The second part of the video is a demo of the origami chain: I use it to lift increasingly heavy weigths. And this pure origami chain made without any glue and without tape, with only 100% folded copy paper, is amazingly resistant.

Origami Chain video instructions

To make a Chain in origami, please follow the instructions from this video on YouTube:

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How to make an origami Chain

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Chain (photo diagram and/or video).

Chain - step 1

1. This paper chain is very easy to make and incredibly resistant.

Chain - step 2

2. You can use the paper chain to lift very heavy weights.

Chain - step 3

3. Each origami chain link is folded from 1 sheet of copy paper (any size like A4 or Letter size / 8.5 x 11).

Chain - step 4

4. And this chain is pure origami, just folded paper. You don't need glue and you don't need tape or anything else.

Chain - step 5

5. This paper chain is very strong!

Chain - step 6

6. You can make your origami chain as long as you wish. Each origami link can be made in only a minute or two. Let's if we can the establish the record for the longest paper chain! Please send me pictures of videos of your origami chains to stephane@origami.plus and I will show them on the origami.plus web site and future videos.

Chain - step 7

7. But please don't do anything dangerous! The chain might break when you don't expect it.

Chain - step 8

8. Some other origami "cookie cutter" shapes you can make with a similar technique: triangles, stars etc. You can chain them, or make modular origami by joining together several strips of paper to make a very long strip. I will show you how to make them in future videos!

I had the idea for the origami chain after creating my origami finger fidget spinner model (origami fidget spinner video tutorial) which is made with a similar technique. And when I tried it, I was completely surprised by the strength of the chain. I was pulling on it as hard as I could but I couldn't break it.

In fact I was hoping that the chain would be able to support my weight, but it started to tear. In my tests, I was able to lift weights up to 16 kilos. The chain probably can stand more, but it's all the weights I have got. :-)

And of course with heavier paper (in the video I use the standard 80g / m² A4 copy paper), or by folding the sheet along its shorter side instead of the longer side, it's certainly possible to make stronger origami chains.

So let's make a contest and see how much it's possible to lift with an origami chain! Make a paper chain, try to lift things with it, and take photos or videos and share them and/or send them to me so that I can publish them in a next video. Please don't do anything dangerous though! Don't bet your life or health on a chain made with paper. You can send me your pictures and videos to stephane@origami.plus

We can also try to make the world longest origami chain. It could a very nice thing to do with multiple people (for instance in schools), a collaborative origami chain. :-)

Note: this origami chain is an original origami model created by Stephane Gigandet. You are more than welcome to make demos of the origami chain and to publish photos and videos of your folded origami chains, but please do not publish videos, tutorials, diagrams etc. that show how to fold it and instead link to this video. Thank you!

You can also make origami chain links with smaller pieces of paper, for instance to make an origami necklace or an origami ring. With one origami link, you can also make a bracelet. And with a similar technique and paper of different sizes, you can also make a lot of different "cookie cutter" shapes like triangles, squares, hexagons, stars etc.

If you fold this origami chain or another of my origami models, please send me pictures so that I can show them in the next videos and on my web site origami.plus.

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Thank you very much and happy folding!

Note: this model is an original model protected by international copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams or videos that show how to fold it, but instead point people to this page. If you would like to help with the translation of the instructions to your language (or improve the translation), please let me know. Thank you!

Your origami Chain photos

If you fold this Chain, please send me pictures of your paper Chain so that I can show them here.

What do you think of this Chain?

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